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Our Elders

The church is both a spiritual body and a functioning organization. It has a governing body to give oversight and direction to the ministry systems of the church. In both the Old and New Testament, the Bible describes a governing body led by Elders who under God’s direction exercise the governing function. Each of our Elders has specific areas of ministry responsibility listed below their names.

The Elders of Waterbrook Community Church are as follows:

Bill McDermott – 843-685-7579,
– Finance
– Administration
Frank Savino – 914-523-7887,
– Security
Bob Goll – 607-776-9030,
– Welcome
– Outreach
Dave Kranstuber – 843-902-9202,
– Multi-Media
Barry Marion – 843-421-8509,
– Care
– Prayer
Doug Hill – 910-200-7405,
– Facility Management
Pastor Scott Smith – 843-390-9222,
– Worship
– Leadership