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Our Services

We believe that church should be engaging and fun, the best hour of your week. We strive to eliminate boredom, unfriendliness and fear that keep people from coming to church. Pastor Scott Smith’s messages are innovative and relevant, and his illustrations memorable. You might see a few guys wearing ties but most folks dress comfortably and casually. We’re not about appearances; we’re about experiences. That’s why, when you experience our contemporary worship service, you’ll find a community of people open and accepting of you, your true self … not just your Sunday best.

“Worship at Waterbrook rocks! Each weekend experience our Worship Leader, Katie Holt and a talented group of musicians prepare hearts for God’s word by leading us in encouraging, Christ centered music. Expect a variety of contemporary songs relevant to todays worship culture along with a creative new take on the occasional hymn. Above all, singing souls are encouraged and God is glorified!”