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Children’s Ministry


Imagine your kids excited about coming to church…imagine them not just learning about God but actually changing because they are growing spiritually…imagine them loving church because oft the deep friendships they have here. All that and more is what we’re working to create with our children’s ministry, now named Waterbrook Kid’s World! Want to learn more? Contact or just stop by to visit!

We believe our mission in children’s lives is more than just babysitting – it is challenging them to take big steps in their own walk with God – and giving that challenge in unique, exciting ways appropriate to each age level. And our passion is to create an environment that is as fun and as safe as we can make it. From a high-quality nursery to the activity-filled preteen ministry, everything we do is done to maximize our impact on these little lives and point them to Christ.

For K – 4th Grade, each service on Sunday morning will offer different choices of activities. We recognize that different children enjoy different types of learning activities.

Exploring what it means to follow God and then choose among three creative activities to express what we’ve learned: video-making, music ministry or craft creation.

Exploring what it means to be a “winner” in faith and then jumping in to our Bible Quiz Game Show.

From babies to preteens, we strive to provide a safe, clean, exciting and spiritually challenging program. Children are currently divided up in separate age groups but will be separated further as God brings us more children!
Birth – Age 2
Ages 2 – Pre-K
Kindergarten – Fourth Grade
Fifth – Sixth Graders.
Each age group will have their own room, consistent teachers and caregivers and new exciting activities that are appropriate for each age. All children’s ministry volunteers have passed a background check and receive orientation and training.

YOU are the most important spiritual leader your child will ever have! We see our role in the church as that of SUPPLEMENTING what you provide to your child spiritually, never replacing that. We love to come alongside parents and support them in whatever way we can. Here are some of the ways we love to help:

Parent Crisis counseling: When you hit a tough moment in parenting, and need some quick advice, our Children’s Pastor stands ready to assist you. When you run into a family crisis, and need some help for explaining it to your child, feel free to call.

Workshops and Seminars: Throughout the year, we provide workshops to train our teachers in the spiritual development of children. Parents are welcome to join us for these workshops.

Parenting Books and Resources: Throughout the year, we’ll be showing and sharing a variety of resources to give you ideas and tools for not only parenting, but also for leading your child in spiritual experiences. If you would ever like to borrow a book from Miss Coleen’s library, or need some recommendations, feel free to ask.

Answers to hard Bible questions: If your child ever asks those really hard questions about Christianity, about God, or about the Bible, there’s someone you can ask. Our children’s Pastor is happy to help you formulate answers that are appropriate for your child’s age level.

Parent Tips in weekly or monthly handouts: Often in the handouts we send home, we include a family or parent-child activity that can open up spiritual conversations between you and your child.

Parent-Child Events: Periodically throughout the year, we’ll offer special events for parents and children to enjoy together. This is to give you the opportunity to have fun and yet invest in your child’s spiritual growth at the same time.

Input Welcome: If there is ever an issue that you would love to have us teach about in Sunday School or any one of our other children’s programs, feel free to ask. We can’t always deliver, but we would welcome your thoughts about what topics, spiritual growth ideas, or behaviors that you would love to see your child develop.

The Bible
Baby Blessings: A Faith-Based Guide for Parents, by Dr. Terrill Saxon
Bashed Burritos, Green Eggs, and other indoor/outdoor devotionals you can do with your kids, by Tim and Cheryl Shoemaker (and the other 2 books in this series)
Raising a Modern Day Knight: A Father’s Role in Guiding his son to Authentic Manhood, by Robert Lewis
Raising a Modern Day Princess: Inspiring purpose, value, and strength in your daughter, by Pam Farrell and Doreen Hanna