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Preteen Ministry

Designed Exclusively For 5-6th Graders
A Ministry by preteens, for preteens, with preteens!


To get closer to God by making Him #1 in our lives.
To get closer to each other by deepening our friendships.
To challenge ourselves and others to do the best we can do, and all we can do, for God and His Kingdom!

About every 6 weeks, we’ll enjoy a special activity, sometimes for fun, sometimes to help others, but always to get ourselves closer to God! Information about these events will be available at least three weeks prior to the events, and will be handed out during regular church activities. At times, dates may be changed or switched to accommodate other church events. Reservations need to be made in advance for most events, and a permission form must be completed for each event. Younger siblings are not allowed to participate in these events; this is for preteens only. PARENTS SHOULD PLAN TO CHAPERONE AT LEAST 1-2 EVENTS PER YEAR Participating in Whole Event:
For most of these events, preteens need to be present for the entire event. This is especially true for Overnights. While we realize that preteens may have to, at times, choose between this event and other activities, the benefits of having the whole group together for the whole event are worth striving for.

unknownOctober 7, 2016 – Friday evening
“Get Lost!” Event (Corn Maze)

unknown-1November 12, 2016 – Saturday afternoon
Preteen Ropes Challenge

imagesDecember 11, 2016 – Sunday afternoon-evening
Preteen Serve & Celebrate
Christmas Service Project followed by Christmas Games & Food

unknownJanuary 6, 2017 – Friday evening
Preteen SARDINES Event!  A game of hiding in the dark!

unknown-1February 5, 2017 – Sunday afternoon
Laser Tag – Parents VS. Preteens
All parents are on one team, all preteens are on the opposing team – and we see who wins!

unknown-2March 24,25 – Friday/Saturday
Preteen Famine & Overnight
A 20 Hour Spiritual Retreat to raise money for starving children. Includes games, field trips, a movie, and maybe even swimming!

unknown-2May 7, 2017 – Sunday morning
Preteen Breakfast on the Beach Event
Cooking up breakfast over a campfire on the Beach, as Jesus did with His disciples after the resurrection!

Preteen Knights Club!

One weekday evening a week through the school year. Games, Bible memory challenges, cool topics, and real rewards keep preteens running and reaching upwards!

Preteen Drama Team
Sticks, Drama, Puppets and competing at a Regional Conference in May!

Preteen Supper Club
Sharing a meal at a fast food place while learning to share ourselves with each other and challenge one another in our walk with God!

Preteen Parent Survival Workshop
Tips and Ideas for parents for surviving and thriving in the preteen years.