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VBS 2017 Parent Information and Registration Form

Waterbrook Children’s Ministry 
Vacation Bible School Parent Information and Registration 
Theme: Out from Undercover, Gotta Tell Somebody
Video Preview
Dates: June 26-30, 2017 
Time: 6:15pm – 8:45pm

For detailed Parent Information about our upcoming VBS you can download this file to your computer. VBS Info and Registration


If your child invites a friend, please be sure to have their parent sign the Permission form before bringing the child to VBS. Extra registration and permission forms can be downloaded from our web site at

This Vacation Bible School is designed specifically for children who are age 5 AND are entering Kindergarten through preteens entering 7TH grade. Children will enter the class of the grade they will ENTER THIS FALL. Parents should be aware that five year olds may not have the stamina for a program ending at 8:45 PM, and should not register their child, or register for only a few days, if this is the case. Naps are a great idea too!

may be offered at each age level. If there is another child with whom your child really needs to attend at the same age or grade level, please note that in the proper place on the registration form. An older child may be permitted to attend a younger-age class; however, a younger child will not be permitted to attend an older age class.

Children who have registered before the Monday that VBS starts can find their names listed at their classroom doors or areas. Maps will be available near Registration on the first few nights, to help you in finding the classrooms or age group areas. On Monday  Friday, please keep your child with you until 6:05 PM. We are praying for your children from 5:45 – 6:05, and the doors to the classrooms will open after we are done and all our teachers are in their classrooms.

Please allow children to return to their classrooms after Celebration (Assembly), before picking them up – this is for your child’s safety.

For their safety, all children should be walked to their classroom door by the parent or an adult. If you are running late and the class has already gone to their first activity, there will be a note on the door to tell you where to take your child. Make sure the teacher sees the child and knows they are there before you leave the building or grounds.

Each night in VBS, our children will be taught important truths of God’s Word, and will be challenged to make new choices about how they see the world and respond to what happens in our world. Tremendous effort goes into making sure children understand everything clearly. Do plan to take the time to answer your child’s questions, or call us if you want your child to understand one of God’s truths more deeply. (Note: Our teaching is based on basic Evangelical Christianity.)

At the end of the evening, children should be picked up at their classroom door by an authorized ADULT at dismissal time. (Sorry, older siblings DO NOT qualify as adults in this area.) Parents will be asked to provide 1-2 names of other people whom they authorize to pick up their child if they cannot do so. Those names will be given to the teacher and, when you arrive to pick up your child, the teacher will check for you on his or her list of names. If an emergency arises that prevents you or anyone you listed from picking up your child, simply call us and give us the name of the person who will pick up your child. Be sure to keep your children close to you as you walk to your car. With many cars and children moving through the parking lot, we want to keep things safe!


1) Complete the Application Form and the Permission Form that you have just downloaded. They can be sent by fax  or email (email to, mailed to us, or handed in at the church office any weekday or Sunday.

2) Complete the on-line Registration Form below

Waterbrook VBS 2017, Permission and Release Form

  • Note: Completing this form will reserve a space for your child or preteen.
  • Indicate Male or Female
  • Indicate Kindergarten through 7th
  • Indicate yes or no
  • If so, please indicate friend's name and grade entering. If not, indicate No.
  • Or indicate none
  • Or indicate No
  • Or indicate None
  • Indicate yes or no
  • Indicate yes or no
  • Please indicate no more than 3 including parents. (If an emergency arises and none of these people are able to pick up your child, simply call us and tell us who you are sending to pick up your child)
  • Or indicate No
  • Please initial below.
  • Indicate Never, Once a Month, Almost Every Week or May Begin
  • Note: In the unlikely event that an accident were to occur, we would need this information to procure prompt medical treatment for your child. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED FOR YOUR CHILD TO ATTEND VBS.
  • Please sign by keying in your full name and indicating todays date.
  • Please sign by keying in your full name